About us

Hi I'm Javier co-founder of La Old House,

We have always been very supportive in collecting antiques
Or curiosities and everything that can be collectible,

  Along with my wife Carmina we have traveled through different parts
  Buying and selling products that some people
  Bring pleasant memories,

Now it's time to sell our entire collection '
Includes infinity of articles of different concepts
Decorative, toys, letters in order an endless number of memories,
, Everything we sell we have in stock ,.
We do not do dropshipping,
So be assured that what we sell we have in stok,
To give more strength to La old House we have added new products.

I take pride in being a connection with all my clients, and our
Customer service is unparalleled. If you ever have any
  Ask, just send us an email. Info@laoldhouse.com  ! Happy shopping!